CubFests are semi-formal gatherings of Farmall Cub and Cub Lo-Boy enthusiasts. Anyone can host a CubFest - all you need is a little room, some workshop space and an appreciation of this mighty little tractor. A good CubFest starts with people. Start talking with folks you know who own Cubs or Lo-Boys. See if they'd like to get together to talk tractors, share their expertise and, most importantly, show off their Cubs.


If you have never attended a Cubfest, it is advisable that you do so before hosting your own show.  You can learn a lot about being a host by watching what goes on at a show you attend.


Many CubFests are strictly workshops where attendees can bring their Cub for help in making repairs or they simply bring the part needing repair such as a carb or magneto. Many other show up just to watch and learn.  There are many variations of CubFests and not all are restricted to workshops. You, as the host, can determine what it is you want to do. The Buckeye Cub Tug CubFest for instance offers a Cub Tractor pull one day during the two day event. The Deep South CubFest (DSCF) offers shop work as well as plowing when the weather permits.  The Barnyard Bash may have sickle mowing and plowing depending on weather along with workshops.


Here are some things to consider when you decide to host an event:


One day or two

Some CubFests are two days, but that is something you will have to decide. Some people can attend on Friday while others can only make it on Saturday.  Then of course you have the die-hard Cubber who can be there two days. Many will travel eight to twelve hours and more to attend a CubFest. A two day event will make that long drive worthwhile to some people.  Here again, you decide what you want to do.



Keep in mind, the main reason for a CubFest is working on Cubs and mingling with new found friends.  Take into consideration any unfavorable weather. A rainy day can ruin a CubFest if there is no place to get in out of the weather.



A fairly well maintained shop makes for a great CubFest.  While you don't need every tool your local Sears store carries, it is best to have a good bit of basic tools.  Remember, there may be a complete Cub teardown or a final drive removal involved.  The proper tools mean a lot.



Most CubFests provide lunch while others may have a breakfast and lunch, but that is an option.  Other hosts simply let the guests brown bag it.  If there are no restaurants nearby, you may want to consider having at least one meal. Your meal doesn't have to be big affairs, it could be a simple tray of cold cuts or you can fire up the grill.  Don't be afraid to ask guests to bring a covered dish or snack.  Most of the folks in attendance will probably be seasoned CubFest attendees.  They will know what to bring.


Toilet Facilities

Most CubFests provide at least one port-john for the guests.



Many members may drive sevral hours to attend your Fest.  After a long day of fun they may prefer to settle down into a nearby motel for the night before heading home. While this is not a show stopper, you may want to provide your guests with some motel options before the arrive.  Several Fests allow attendees to camp on site.  These are generally self contained units so there is no need to worry about service, however it is common courtesy to inform travelers if you allow camping overnight.


There are more things to consider and those will be added as time goes on.  Don't let organizing a CubFest scare you off.  Think of it as just planning a big party.


The most important thing is to have fun with it.