By Darrell (Bigdog) Ratliff

Reprinted from with permission


Aside from being social events, which they most certainly are, they are an opportunity to share knowledge and to teach and mentor others. Or we come and learn some new skills from those who share them. In addition, it is an opportunity for people to bring some items for sale or to come and perhaps find that item you have been looking for.

That was the intent and desire years ago when Albie Badaracco kept pushing fellows to gather together at someone's shop and tinker with Cubs as a teaching/learning experience. I think it's safe to say that Albie's vision has gone far and quite successfully so.

A cubfest is not a free repair clinic where you bring things for others to fix. While free labor abounds it should not be abused. These are learning experiences and if you need help with something then you will receive help. But be prepared to pitch in and do your share. Our aim is to teach you how to do it, not do it for you.
Tractors or implements you bring should be your personal property that you intend to use. Not something you need fixed so you can sell it.

Along that same line we often see suggestions to "take it to the cubfest near you and we'll fix it". While that often happens and we want to welcome the newer cub owners who are not well versed in cub repairs, we need to remember that the invitation should come from the host of the event. It would be real easy for me to advise someone to take it to the XYZ cubfest and they'll fix you right up - knowing that I was not attending the XYZ cubfest and would not be providing the labor. But by doing so, I have made time and labor commitments for a cubfest host and his guests. They may have already had a full schedule but will now feel compelled to accomodate the offer.

Let's not forget those who host these events. I can tell you from experience that it is no easy task and if you are hosting you run around in circles trying to find this or that or pointing folks in the right directions. Be considerate of your hosts facilities, his tools and his generosity. (I'm still looking for lost tools from last year.)
If your host makes a special request such as no alcohol in the shop area, no pets etc. please honor those requests.

If we all consider that CubFest are places to share and learn, not places to get something for nothing, it will make them fun and interesting for all.